Sellwood Healing
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Sellwood Healing

A Comfortable, Inviting and Energetic Place to Heal

Founded in 2008 and located in the beautiful Southeast Portland neighborhood of Sellwood in the Elixia Wellness Group building at the corner of Southeast Thirteenth Avenue and Tacoma Street, Sellwood Healing offers a powerful array of healing services to suit your needs.

Come relax in our space and let us help refresh, re-energize and renew your being. The outside world seems far away as you enter an environment filled with peace and tranqulity. Settle into our comfortable chair and feel the potent energies of our many crystals and stones which surround you.

In this environment incredible things can happen. The power of our space coupled with the knowledge and abilities we provide, can help bring about deep and lasting changes to your world.

Partners Linda Bassindale and William Douglass each have their own unique strengths grounded in years of experience and look forward to serving your needs.

Linda Bassindale

Linda Bassindale is a native Oregonian and a life-long Portland resident. She has over twenty-six years experience in understanding, communicating with and working in the world of spirit and healing. Through her vast experience and diverse background, Linda has acquired a unique view of our world and the higher dimensional realms.

Linda's Skills:

Spiritual Response Therapist (SRT)
Medicine Woman (Linda Red Wolf)
Prayer Master
Energy Worker
Reiki Practitioner
Spiritual Teacher
Crystal Therapist
Clinical Hypnotherapist
NLP Master Pracititioner
ThetaHealingĀ® Practitioner

Linda's Teachers:

Red Elk
Robert Detzler
Phil Crazy Bull
One White Horse Standing
Jan Ingels Smith
Jane Lewis
Linda Jollo
Kathleen Greene
Vianna Stibal
Gonzalo Flores

Linda was introduced to the inner terachings at a young age and has the ability to work on many levels. This deep connection to spirit led her to study the Medicine Way and become a capable Shamanic Practitioner. Linda is an accomplished Medicine Woman in the two tribes of Apache and Lakota Native American. She uses the tools and ceremonies of these systems along with her power animals, guides, tools, ceremonies, and Angels to facilitate her client's understanding of spirit through her teachings and healings at the deepest levels. Linda is a pipe carrier. A privilege given only after experiencing a special dream, which is then confirmed by an Elder.

Linda teaches her clients how to talk to Creator and their Higher Dimensional Self using correct language. She helps them to understand the energies of the universe and instructs her students in vision holding, protection, and daily grounding with aura ignition. She also teaches the positive power of affirmations and how to harness the infinite power of the imagination.


William Douglass

William Douglass has over thirty-five years experience in a wide range of disciplines, including: Tai chi, meditation, yoga, hypnosis, NLP, SRT, Reiki, and crystal healing.

William began his spiritual journey in New York City, studying yoga with Sivananda and Integral Yoga and meditation at the Growth Center from 1977 to 1982. He co-owned and operated an exercise studio with his wife from 1981 to 1985 while continuing his study and practice of meditation and yoga. After leaving New York in 1986 he lived in Florida and Texas before settling in Portland, Oregon in 1993.

William began his study of Yang style tai chi ch'uan as a private student with Master Chan Sik Hung in 1998, continuing until Master Chan's passing in 2010. William has taught tai chi for eleven years, running his own program from 2001 to 2005 at Mountain Park Rec Center in Lake Oswego and from 2005 to the present as faculty at the Sylvania and Cascade campuses of Portland Community College.

In 2007 William met Linda and began a professional collaberation which continues to this day. Her extensive knowledge of crystals and Shamanic healing combined with William's understanding of energy flow and meditation has made for a powerful team. They taught each other their unique styles and approaches to healing and energy work and combined their talents to serve their clients with a powerful array of healing modalities.

In 2008 William became a Reiki practitioner and attended seminars to learn Reconnection with Eric Pearl and Matrix Energetics with Richard Bartlett. Linda and he started their practice that same year at their present location, the Elixia Wellness Group in the Southeast Portland neighborhood of Sellwood.

In 2009, both Linda and William were initiated into the knowledge of Grandfather Fire during a master firekeeper ceremony which brought a deep understanding of the healing potential of the fire energy.

From 2010 to 2011 Linda and William attended the Apositiva Institute and graduated as a certified hypnotherapists and master practitioners of NLP, bringing a new understanding of the mind, both conscious and sub-conscious, to their list of skills.

William believes the body, heart and mind have strong self correcting mechanisms built into them and that great energy and the ability to heal flows through us all. With the assistance of an experienced practitioner helping to remove blockages to healing, incredible results can be had if one is open to the possibilites. Towards that end he has facilitated many successful sessions dealing with a wide range of issues.