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Energy Work FAQ

What is energy work?

Energy work is based on the idea that we have an energetic body as well as a physical body. The two interact at a deep symbiotic level which affects our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

The energy can flow or it can be blocked and out of balance. Blocks to our natural energy flow can have detrimental affects on our health at many levels.

The purpose of energy work is to remove any blockages within the physical and energetic body. Re-establishing the energy flow helps the body's internal self-correcting mechanisms to take over and help naturally restore balance and health.

What does an energy worker do?

The pracitioner is someone who has been trained to manipulate energy fields, their balance and flow, using intention and healing techniques.

Some methods involve laying on of hands while other styles manipulate the energy field without touching the client. The energy worker might be in the same room or work from a distance, even if the client is thousands of miles away. Energy is non-local and universal in nature and can travel anywhere the healing intention is sent.

There are many different styles of energetic healing techniques. These include: Reiki, ThetaHealingĀ®, The Reconnection, Matrix Energetics, and Qi Gong, just to mention a few.

I'm skeptical by nature. Does energy work require for me to believe in it to have an effect?

The ability of the energy to intereact with the client depends on the their openness and willingness to accept living a healthy and balanced life, as opposed to their beliefs about energy work or the methods used.

The client's free will determines how much energy they can absorb. If a person truly does not want to be helped, the energy will obey their intent and flow around them.

When should I use energy work?

Energy work has been used with positive results alongside all forms of health care, including allopathic, naturopathic, or psychological treatment programs. It is important to remember that energy work should never be substituted for traditional health care. The client should always consult their physician or counselor when appropriate.




Who can receive energy work?

Anyone can receive energy work. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world and from all walks of life - from infants to senior citizens, have experienced the benefits of energy work. It has also proven to be highly effective with animals.

What results will I have?

When the client receives an energy treatment, the results are not always predictable. There may be multiple blocks within the energetic and physical bodies. Some blockages may take multiple treatments over time while other imbalances can be relieved in one session.

The energy seems to have a mind all of its own and will go where it is most needed. The client may come in to address one ailment only to have some seemingly unrelated condition or need receive the energy instead.

Sometimes the effects of an energy session are immediately registered and other times they may not manifest for several days, weeks or even months. The results can be dramatic and at other times subtle. Each situation is unique.

What is distance energy work?

As the name implies, distance energy work is applied when the practitioner is not in the immediate proximity of the client. The distance may be a few feet or a few thousand miles.

Distance work can be as effective as hands-on healing. Some practitioners and clients report that distance work is even more powerful the further they are apart!

In many cases, distance work is more convenient than a face to face session. The client might be bed-ridden or elderly and not able to easily travel to the practitioner's office. Other clients might live in a remote or rural area and prefer to communicate via email or by phone to coordinate and receive treatment. Some clients might have emotional issues or not like being touched. Distance work affords them the opportunity of partaking in energy work in the comfort of their home.

All it takes for there to be a successful distance energy session is for the client and practitioner to make a connection for the energy to flow. That connection might be in the next room, down the block or in another country. Energy knows no bounds.