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Linda's Story
Linda Bassindale

It was after meeting Jan Ingels Smith in 1993 that Linda began her training in the Medicine Way. The studies included journey work, healing ceremony, Inipi ceremony or sweat lodge, and vision questing.

She met Kathleen Greene in 1995. She was Linda's first teacher in the art of crystal healing. Over the years they have done much healing and distance work together

In 1998 Linda became the student of Chief Phil Crazy Bull, a Payoka Medicne Man, and received legal paperwork to carry animal medicine. That same year she studied Reiki with Jane Lewis, achieving level two mastery.

Linda Red Wolf met Teresa Carol at an Earth Changes workshop in 1999. Through personal time with Teresa and professional readings, Linda learned more about the ways of healing, protection and standing in her power.

In 1999 Linda began studying with Dr. Linda Jollo. Linda Jollo is a personal friend and taught her the importance of precise intention and faith in the power of perfect prayer, about moving between spirit worlds, time manipulation, and instruction in energy work 101.

In 2001, Linda met Red Elk and requested him to come to Portland to perform a family energy clearing. He became a friend, mentor and teacher to this day.

From 2004 - 2008 Linda studied traditional Curanderismo with Gonzalo Flores. In 2006 she joined his practice, doing energy readings and practicing energetic healing for the next two years.

2006 proved to be a very busy year for Linda. Through a transmission within her Higher Dimensional Self, she received the process of twelve strand DNA activation from Creator. She studied ThetaHealing® with Vianna Stibal, crystal healing application and placement and alter preparation with One White Horse Standing, and SRT or Spiritual Response Therapy with Robert Detzler.

Linda was led to study with Robert after praying to Creator for the fastest, best and most effective way to heal. SRT is her favorite and most often used method of affecting positive and profound changes for her clients.

In 2007 Linda met William Douglass, a powerful energy worker, healer and tai chi instructor. They opened their present practice at Elixia Wellness Group in 2008.

In 2009 Linda was initiated into the mysteries of Grandfather Fire from a master firekeeper.

In 2010 Linda studied hypnotherapy and NLP at Apositiva Institute in Portland, OR, graduating as a certified hypnotist and NLP master practitioner in 2011.

According to Linda's philosophy, many believe that "life happens" to them. This is NOT true. When a person believes that life happens to them, they give up their power. Linda can help re-empower her clients to follow a path of joy, bring in happiness, and build their world successfully.



Linda's Teachers


Linda included Creator in her list of teachers because in her view of herself and her life, she has never been seperated from him. Her life from early childhood was at times frightening and difficult. It was Mary who came and introduced the love of Creator to her. Linda considers Creator her friend and mentor as well as the highest and All Source of light and life. It is this personal relationship that allows Linda to keep an open and clear channel to High Self to receive the inspiration and support knowing her soul will never die.


Robert Detzler is the developer of Spiritual Response Therapy and heads up the Spiritual Response Association, the organization which oversees the promotion of SRT and the training of students in the system.


Jan Ingles Smith is a Medicine Woman of the Buffalo Star Lodge. Although not a native, Jan studied the Lakota, Sioux teachings under Michael Harner. She is a gifted healer and does soul retrievals through her business in Gresham, OR.


Dr. Linda Jollo works as a Rapid Recovery Massage Therapist in Tacoma, WA. She is an amazing energy worker, psychic reader and master EFT practitioner.


Kathleen Greene is a science and chemistry teacher in Las Vegas, NV. Outside of her day job she is a master crystal therapist and spiritual healer. Her extent of knowledge and experience in crystal therapy spans thirty years.


Teresa Carol is a spiritual counselor, teacher and psychic reader. She travels from her home in Tacoma, WA to do workshops in many areas.


Jane Lewis is a Reiki master and specializes in soul retrievel and shamanic journey work who practices in Sandy, OR.


Vianna Stibal is the founder of the technique ThetaHealing®, which is best described as a way to tap into clear answers. It also enables the participant to find limiting beliefs and change them instantly.


Gonzalo Flores is a licensed acupuncturist and cofounder of GroundSpring Healing Center in Portland, OR. He is a Huasteca Curandero or Native American and Mexican Indian traditional healer and teacher.


Cat Wilson and Rich Aanrich are board certified coaches, certified in hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, TIR, and are certified hypnotherapy and NLP Instructors. They are co-owners of Apositiva Institute, a coaching, hypnotherapy and NLP training center and private practice in Portland, OR.

You can contact Linda Bassindale: (503) 351-3624 or



Red Elk is an Inter-Tribal Medicine Man. He is a self-described half-breed Native American / white, of both the BlackFeet and Shoshoni Nations, as well as part Irish and French. He is a member of the Heyoka Society, a group of Native Americans who do not follow the normal path of mankind. Red Elk is one of twelve Inner Heyoka members. He is one of the nine members of the Red Web Society who are working to bring understanding of many hidden sacred teachings to the people of Earth. He is also an honorary member of the Cherokee Nations Twisted Hair Society.


One White Horse Standing is of Cherokee and Shawnee heritage and lives near Novelty, Ohio. He is a businessman and spiritual healer. He does workshops and trainings to teach students how to discover and claim parts of their being they have not yet had a chance to experience.


Chief Phil Crazy Bull was a Payoka Medicne Man. He has passed from this world into spirit form. When Linda met him in the month of January, 1999, he had just come back from giving a healing to the Dali Lama. He worked and still works in spirit with the star people.

Linda's Experience with Chief Phil Crazy Bull

"I heard about his plan to come to do teachings and do a Yuwipi healing ceremony in November of 1998. When I asked to be part of the healed in the ceremony I was told to pray and then send Phil a letter with four reasons why I needed to be on the altar. I did this with a trade of tobacco and offerings to the four directions. He would then begin his prayers for the participants."

"I met with Phil at Jan Ingles Smith's house. My first impression of him was happy and kind. When I shook his hand, I decided he had the warmest hands I had ever experienced. He explained how it was important for him to meet a person ahead of time before the ceremony and talked to me about my reasons for the healing he would promote. I told him of my new ability to see spirits in nature since my vision quest. I had observed his herd of black tailed deer which were outside the window of the room. He said they were spirit helpers who traveled with him. I shared that I saw faces in the stones during the sweat lodge ceremonies. I told him how Creator had spoken to me."

"Creator had shared with me during one particular sweat lodge ceremony that he was gifting the group in the Inipi with an extra amount of light to carry into the world with us. This light would benefit all those who came into contact with each of us. This light would extend to our immediate family, to friends, and to strangers who would gaze upon us."

"I said that I had the opportunity to speak with wisdom at times during the Inipi and pipe ceremonies. When I spoke I could feel the power of the words. I wanted to know if I owned the words or if another was channeling through me. Phil said when I speak, I am saying a complete thought. When a complete thought is one of wisdom, the Creator spurs me into sharing this thought, felt in my heart, to share my wisdon to heal others. He said I own the things I say."

"Many people shared with me that what I said at times in these ceremonies healed them with deep issues in their lives. There were other things Phil and I discussed and after his silent prayer he finished by saying I would have a healing on the altar."


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