Sellwood Healing
Achieve Your Full Potential
The Time is NOW

The time is now to move forward with your life.

The time is now to seize your future, to renew your health, to find a new outlook and perspective, to be the fully realized person you can be. Each day is precious and full of promise. Sellwood Healing can help you to make that promise a reality. With the tools at our disposal, the staff of Sellwood Healing can help you to move forward.

With hypnosis and NLP you can quit smoking, overcome your worries and fears, find renewed motivation and happiness, improve your health and relationships, plus much more.

With energy healing methods such as Reiki and crystal therapy, Sellwood Healing can help you to restore health and vitality.

If you seek to increase your energy and maintain your health, Sellwood Healing offers methods such as tai chi and meditation instruction to improve the quality of your mind, body and spirit.

For those seeking along the pathes of wisdom and inner knowledge, Sellwood Healing can help with our Shamanic practices such as power animal retrieval and journey work.

Sellwood Healing offers deeper forms of healing such as twelve strand DNA activation, soul clearing, and SRT which can affect the deepest levels of your Higher Dimensional Self and even into other lifetimes.

Sellwood Healing has capable and experienced practitioners ready to meet your specific needs. Why wait any longer to lead a balanced life when you can be healthy, happy and at peace? Take charge of your life, the time is NOW.

Why We Are Different

Because we are a full service healing practice!

Having the opportunity to partake of a wide range of healing modalities under one roof affords you the comfort and convenience of a full service healing practice.

The practitioners of Sellwood Healing are unique in their experience and skillset. Each session is custom tailored to your specific needs.

We start with an initial consultation to determine how we may best help and then set up a treatment schedule. Many issues can be dealt with in just one visit but if more are required we will design a treatment plan to bring maximum benefits for you in the least amount of visits and time.

Our treatments may combine one or more of the modalities we offer. This flexible and multi-faceted approach allows us to provide you with the best opportunity for solving your challenges.

We have found in our experience that life and healing can be like an onion. You may peel away one layer only to expose other layers which also require attention and energy. As you work through the layers, the answers and solutions become evident and attainable. You can solve your life's challenges and find a successful outcome.

Health, balance and a joyful life are within reach!



If you find this approach appealing, we are ready and able to assist you in solving the many issues that our complex world can generate. Contact us at or (503) 351-3624.