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Our Philosophy

At Sellwood Healing, our philosopy is built upon the idea that positive and profound changes are acheivable and sustainable. We can help you to find the solutions to your life's challenges. The human body and mind have tremendous self-correcting mechanisms built into them with a deep capacity for healing. Our natural state of being is one of wellness. The stresses of our lives and our world can have a distorting effect upon these self-correcting mechanisms. This is where the pracitioners of Sellwood Healing apply their knowledge, expertise and methods to help restore balance to your life.

When unproductive thoughts and feelings hold sway, imbalances can be produced which can manifest in a physical way and distort how we view our world. We believe that health springs from within. Our attitudes, emotions and thoughts shape who we are and how we flow as energetic beings.

The idea of energy work is to help correct these imbalances. Whether or not the work achieves a successful outcome rests upon your inner desire and motivation to be well. The practitioner is the facilitator to help by removing blocks of an energetic nature towards this end.

A person's capacity to accept positive change is what truly drives the success of any energy session. For those who may not have a clear conception of what fills their world, there are discovery techniques such as hypnosis to help the client bring into focus the areas of their life that need attention. Once identified, change is possible and attainable which can lead to a successful outcome and a renewed vitality and health.

About Our Services

The services offered by Sellwood Healing are designed to help our clients achieve their life's full potential and are an excellent addition to a holistic and healthful lifestyle.

Our services are not meant to replace the care and advice of any medical professional, psychiatrist, or licensed counselor. With any health concerns you should consult your preferred health care practitioner. The staff of Sellwood Healing does not diagnose any condition or prescribe any form of supplement to alleviate any condition our clients may have.

The information presented herein is offered as a service and is of a general nature for educational and informational purposes only. No guarantees are made towards the effectiveness or validity of these services. The client is fully responsible for their health care decisions and life choices.

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