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Pet Healings

 A Helping Hand and Loving Care Works Wonders

Our pets are amazing creatures. They freely give unconditional love and are wonderful companions. They are always there for us and never tire of providing us with joy and adoration. Their playful antics bring us no end of amusement. When we take a pet into our home, they truly become a valued and cherished family member.

               Don't Fret, Kitty, Help is On the Way

Just like their human friends, our pets need help from time to time. Animals are suceptible to many of the same ills and maladies that can strike their human family members. Fortunately, the energy work that helps with human challenges can have a great and powerful effect upon animals. In many instances, energy work can have even more profound results for our four-legged companions.

   A Big Heart and An Even Bigger Capacity to Heal

Unlike human beings, animals do not have the complex layers of ego and intellect that can be a boon or burden for man. A dog or cat is a true heart being, offering unconditional love. This ability to love unconditionally is an animal's greatest strength and also what assists the energy worker in helping to bring them back to health. Because of their open and loving nature, they are much more receptive to energy work and its powerful results.

                  Love, Trust and Companionship

These are the hallmarks of the relationships we share with our animal companions. They give of themselves fully and without regard. You can return this love by giving them every opportunity to have a healthy and balanced life. Energy work can assist with these goals. Let us help your cherished four-legged family members.


How We Can Help

Reiki for Animals

Reiki is ideal for use with animals because it is gentle and noninvasive. It doesn't cause stress, discomfort, or pain, and yet yields powerful results. Animals respond intuitively to Reiki's power to heal emotional, behavioral, and physical illnesses and injuries.

Reiki is a wonderful healing method as well as a safe complement to Western medicine, Chinese medicine, homeopathy, and all other forms of healing. Reiki can help reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and serve as an aid to naturopathic and allopathic veterinary procedures.

Other Healing Methods

The other healing methods that Sellwood Healing offer for animals include SRT and distance work.

Spiritual Response Theapy or SRT is a method of healing that is non-painful, effective, and has lasting results. This process can be done by distance or in person. This approach allows the changes to be done while the pet is in its own environment. The practitioner works with the soul of the animal directly. There can be energy blockages from past injuries or experiences which can be removed and replaced with healing energy.

Communicating With Your Pet and Understanding Their Needs and Wants

Animals have amazing abilities, including being able to psychically convey their wants and needs to us. If you've ever had a cat you will most likely relate to this scenario. Can you recall a time when the image of the cat food bowl sitting empty suddenly popped into your mind? You then felt the overpowering urge to go to the kitchen only to find your kitty glaring at you impatiently awaiting a snack! It is not uncommon for them to send pictures or thoughts, as well as employing body language to transmit their desires to us.

By utilizing the practitioners ability to communicate with animals, information can be shared as to what is upsetting or causing dis-ease with your loved one. Here are two examples from past healings we have done.

One of our clients owned a horse that was being bullied in one pasture by another horse. Through communication with the animal, the practitioner learned that the victim was requesting to be moved to a different pasture to graze with a more compatible horse. This same horse also relayed that it did not like its new saddle and requested using the old saddle blanket to make it more comfortable until the saddle was broken in. In both instances the impulses of the animal were read and understood and the appropriate steps were taken, which resolved the situation.

In another instance, a cat we saw wanted to be placed in a room with the door closed for part of the day to have time to herself away from another cat in the household. The other cat was a male with territorial issues who frequently pounced on her when she was sleeping. The time out took care of the problem and gave her the rest she needed so she could defend herself and her turf.

Why We Make House Calls

It is best to work in the client's home for animal energy work. Discovering the underlying causes of the animal's condition can be a multi-layered process. So much of what affects a pet is the home environment, companion pets, and the human members of the household. By the time an animal clearing and healing is completed, the other members of the family and the house may also have been cleared, and even the surrounding neighborhood as well. This is natural and normal and is part of the healing process. Animals are very sensitive to energy and emotions and they pick up on their loving family members worry and stress over their health challenges. By doing a general clearing much of this is alleviated and helps with the successful outcome of the session.



Abby's Story

The following is a testimonial detailing William's experience with Abby, a female dachshund.

"My little Abby was 15 years old when she fell and injured her shoulder. The vets said it was a soft tissue injury - no broken bones; she needed rest and a little time to heal. Abby was a sensitive girl - I could hardly move her to take her potty or adjust her blankets without her yelping painfully. She looked and acted miserable and stayed in the special bed we made for her all the time. I took her meals to her as she would not get up from her bed. I was heart sick for Abby and so afraid of hurting her."

"Even with the best of vet care and assurance that Abby would heal from her injury she was not mending very fast and I was worried. A friend of mine suggested I call Bill Douglass, an energy worker who had a reputation for doing miracle work with animals. I had witnessed a miracle healing with my friends’ dog, also 15-years-old, who’d suffered a life threatening condition. My friend and I were astounded by the affect Bill had on the dog’s healing. I was relieved to call and ask for his help."

"When I first met Bill I was instantly confident in his ability to help. He was so assuring, kind, and exuded calmness and strength. I just knew he’d be able to help. After all, I’d seen what he did for my friend’s dog. Bill came into our home and right away started working on Abby. She liked him instantly too, and never even barked at him. My husband Reg and I watched Bill work with Abby. Bill talked with us as he worked on Abby’s energy field and in just a few minutes Abby was able to get up and walk on her own, go outside and potty, and walk back up the ramp to her bed. Reg and I were astounded. We looked at each other in disbelief at Abby’s transformation. If we hadn’t seen it with our own eyes we wouldn’t have believed it."

"Bill explained how my worry had affected Abby in a negative way and she was responding to my worry energy by acting feeble. My energy field was so powerful it overwhelmed Abby and Bill pointed this out to me saying that I had to change my thought and emotional pattern in order to give Abby the space she needed to heal. It was very hard at first to turn off the worry, but when I saw how Abby responded to Bill’s energy work I became more confident. I was overjoyed by Abby’s return to health. I cried with relief. At my request Bill came back a second time to give Abby another treatment. She continued to improve and was soon her old self."

"Abby has had several illnesses since that initial injury two years ago. She is now seventeen and I know that she is alive because of the wonderful veterinarian care she receives, and the miracle work Bill does for her. What a great combination. Bill’s energy work provides Abby the boost she needs to help her over the hurdle to healing. It’s like getting a booster shot. I have peace of mind knowing that whenever I need Bill he is there for Abby or any of the people I refer him to."

"Bill is always willing to help and I know that the animals who have received his assistance have been helped in a positive way as I have verified it with the pet guardians. People have thanked me for sending Bill their way. Bill also does energy work with people and I have received amazing help from him. I am feeling better all the time. What a blessing he has been in my family and friends lives. It is a comfort and privilege to know and work with Bill. He is our hero and we thank God we found him. Thank you Bill for the wonderful work you do in this world!"

Debi J.

The staff Sellwood Healing have extensive expereience in providing energetic assistance for our animal friends. Contact us for more information by email: or phone: (503) 351-3624.