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Linda Bassindale is fully qualified to perform twelve strand DNA activation.

Twelve Strand DNA Activaion

On a biological and physical level, DNA can be perceived as a library in each cell containing all the genetic information that a cell needs to sustain and reproduce itself, but DNA is and does so much more than just serve as the blueprint for the functions of the cell.

Our DNA is the software for our physical, spiritual and metaphysical computer. Each strand has a corresponding frequency and resonance to which it vibrates and affects us. Some of our DNA is dormant and activates as we evolve as a species and collective race. This activation works in symphony with the energies of the Earth and of the universe.

As mankind has grown, it has been discovered that the DNA can be manually activated through intention and certain techniques. Shamans, qigong masters, and priests of various orders over the centuries have been aware of these techniques which differ by system and tribe. There is great power contained within the activation of the higher strands of DNA and thus these orders and sects have kept the techniques as closely guarded secrets shared with their few very-best acolytes and students.

In this present age of wonders and with the raising of consciousness of mankind as a whole, it is now possible to find this once closely guarded secret of the inner schools being practiced in open systems of teaching and healing. ThetaHealingĀ® is one such system which practices twelve strand DNA activation.

During her training to become a Medicine Woman, Linda Bassindale learned her method directly from her Higher Dimensional Self and from Creator. The process she practices can move the recipient's DNA from two strand up to twelve strand.

Benefits of the Process

  • Promotes Youth and Vitality
  • Helps Increase Cellular Health
  • Hormonal and Glandular Regulation
  • Can Open Higher States of Awareness

Linda's Story of Twelve Strand DNA Activation




What is DNA?

This explanation is a bit technical but can help with understanding the structure of DNA.

The human genome is arranged in twelve strands of DNA. Each double helix strand is a mathematical code written into the chemical composition of the gene strand.

Each double helix strand has a male and female aspect made up of twelve female / magnetic base codes and twelve male / electrical acceleration codes.

One pair of male and female codes form one vector code. When the genes are functioning normally, there are twelve vector codes.

The twelve vector codes manifest as the twelve nucleotide base chemicals which form nucleotide base pairs.

The nucleotide base pairs combine to make amino acids which form proteins. Proteins combine to make a strand of DNA. Genes are made up of different arrangements of DNA. Genes combine in different ways to form the blueprint for the human genome.

How Does This Relate to the Activation of Twelve Strands of DNA?

Most humans function with two strands of DNA activated. Each strand leads to a higher state of consciousness and vibratory energy. Activating higher vibrating strands of DNA can open up the reicipient to greater potentials of human experience which varies from person to person.

The pattern which determines the formation of DNA and how many strands are activated are dependant on amorphous energy fields. These fields are a link between man, matter and the universe and form the fabric of creation.

Amorphous energy fields are templates composed of conscious light and sound which serve as blueprints on which matter and consciousness manifest. This occurs from the universal level down to the subatomic level. As above, so below.

Thus, the universe is perceived as one massive field embodying all other forms where the sum total experiences of reality and manifestation take place.